Fauna of Verkhovyna Park

The fauna of the Verkhovyna National Park is incredibly rich and diverse. Just imagine, almost 3,000 species of animals live here. Of the vertebrates - 139 species, of which 76 are included in the official protection lists. 302 species of insects were found.

They belong to the Red Book:

Invertebrates: medical leech, podalirium, large iris, satyr Manto,

Mahaon - the most famous butterfly of Ukraine due to its bright color and large size, wingspan reaches 8 cm.

And also: forest red ant, Carpathian prostenomphalia, grape snail.

Amphibians: Carpathian newt, mountain newt, spotted salamander.

Reptiles: copperhead.

Birds - golden eagle, golden eagle, peregrine falcon, capercaillie, owl, hairy owl, sparrow owl, long owl, alpine fox, red-headed kingfisher, black grouse.

Mammals: Alpine mussel, small-legged, brown ears, snow vole, small water vole, wolf, brown bear, ermine, badger, river otter, forest cat, lynx.

There are many subspecies of animals in the park, whose habitats are limited only by the Carpathian mountain system, as well as relict species. A total of 130 species or 45.6% of the entire vertebrate fauna of the Ukrainian Carpathians have been identified. Another number are various invertebrates.

Valuable fish species such as brown trout (planes) and  

Danube salmon - is the most valuable fish of the rivers of the Danube, basin flowing from the Carpathians. One of the largest fish of mountain rivers, the length of which reaches over 180 cm, weight - 60 kg.

Therefore, it is possible not only to preserve them, but also to grow them in natural conditions by increasing water differences and lakes.

The creation of a National Park in the highest part of the Verkhovyna region will save from extinction, first of all, those animals that are already listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, especially the brown bear and red deer. And without wild animals, the mountain forests of the Ukrainian Carpathians would become sad wastelands.