Wild animals

What to do if you meet wild animals?

  • The majority of wild animals avoid meeting humans. Therefore, when moving through the woods, sometimes it is worth making known about your presence, talking loudly, echoing, as if warning the animals and giving them the opportunity to leave. However, if you still meet a wild animal, you need to back away from it without panic and sudden movements.
  • When you meet a bear at close range, try to look away, keeping the animal in sight. The predator regards direct gaze as aggression, and the behavior may turn out to be unpredictable. You shouldn't flee, since the instinct of pursuit can appear in the beast. Therefore, the main rule in the case of meeting with a bear - to behave peacefully and kindly, without fear. And best of all, if you are in an area where you are likely to meet a bear, behave so that the beast can hear you in time. Then bear itmself will try to avoid the meeting.