Winter, written stone and adult children

Winter, written stone and adult children

Participants in the idea: a few children, the youngest Marichka - 5, the oldest Justa - 11. A few adults, and for many this is the first winter hike. All dressed in ski suits, but without boot covers, and that is the biggest mistake.

The final emotion: on wet feet - just do not care. We drink warm tea on top. The forest was covered with snow, as if in a fairy tale, the trees were stuck. The horizon at sunset is pink-blue-purple and shimmers as if someone spilled paint on a frosty sky. The majestic stone is covered with snow and looks like huge snowballs.

We met a few random people. And this made it possible to feel the silence, frost, wind and sunset without noise.

What can be done to survive it?

We arrived at the Epiphany in Kryvyi Rih. In a place where the traditions of carols are preserved from the great-grandfather. You can read more about it here:

To go to the Written Stone, it is convenient to settle in Kryvorivna, Verkhovyna and nearby villages. We stopped at a house in the village of Iltsi.

Packed with tea, sandwiches. Equipment - everyone has waterproof boots for trekking, ski gloves that do not get wet, ski suits. Nobody had a boot, and everyone's feet were wet 🙂 This is a very important attribute for winter hiking. Snow in places - to the knees.

We go to the Bukovytsia pass. It is very close to Kryvorivna.