Climbing bogs

“Climbing bog” is a unique natural phenomenon. After all, they are located above the forest boundary, which is very rare. On the territory of the Verkhovyna National Nature Park there are several bogs “at the height”.

 You can see them on the territory of Chyvchyn and Hryniav mountains. Located at an altitude of 1350 to 1570 m above sea level. Most of the “climbing bogs” are located on slopes with a slope of 10-15o. The largest bogs are in the Chyvchyn meadow. Their area is small – several hundred square meters each.

One of the most famous “climbing bog” is in the Kugutarka tract on the southern slope of Mount Hitanka. The bog is not large, ten by ten meters in size, up to one meter in depth, and has a rounded shape. It lies at an altitude of 1457 m above sea level and is fed mainly by rainwater.

“Climbing bogs ”are extremely interesting for scientific research due to its unique fauna and rare floral diversity.